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Finland proclamation from the City

Hi PSCC Members,


I would like to thank every person who casted their vote on March 2nd. Your vote mirrors your integrity, and commitment to the PSCC. To the members who voted for me, I humbly appreciate your support, and confidence in me to handle business in 2024. Hopefully, next year, we will have a greater voter turnout.   

     Jarvenpaa, like Pasadena, is a lively, close niche, progressive city, with a diverse population and vibrant culture. 

     As Chair of Finland, I invite you to join me and others as we collectively build a sustainable bridge between Pasadena and Jarvenpaa. It's that time. 

     In 2018, former Mayors Terry Tonek, Ollie Kaukkarien of Jarvenpaa, and special guests gathered in Pasadena to reaffirm the  relationship between Pasadena and Jarvenpaa. See attachment. Now it's our time to take the Pasadena-Finland Sister Cities to the next level.  

     As you may know, Finland is a Nordic Welfare Country. Finnish culture is as rich, and fascinating as its history. The country's educational system is on the cutting edge. Finland's student exchange programs, and opportunities are plentiful and solid. I'm impressed. And I look forward to helping each PSCC Sub Committee, students, parents, and sponsors navigate the student exchange process successfully via orientations. 

     Again, a special thank you to those members who voted me in as Chair of Finland, and Student Exchange Coordinator. You have given me 

a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve as a Citizen Diplomat from Pasadena, California. 

     To this end, please feel free to email or Whatsapp me if you are interested or passionate about making a difference. 

     Jarvenpaa and Pasadena have been friends since 1983. It's time to celebrate and reaffirm our engagement!

Press on…

Reverend Philis Griffin 

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